Divorce And Family Legal Services In Richmond

When people need to seek out legal help for highly personal matters, it is often a difficult decision. Finding Richmond divorce and family services that are provided from a compassionate but highly skilled lawyer is crucial.

Comprehensive Quality Legal Representation

The law office of John Fairburn is located in Richmond, and offers services in Richmond, Delta, Surrey/White Rock and throughout the Lower Mainland. The firm's family law work includes helping people arrive at fair separation agreements and divorce settlements or verdicts that accomplish both their short- and long-term needs. From carefully analyzing every asset that is subject to property division to negotiating spousal support, John Fairburn is a lawyer who understands what is at stake and how much care needs to be taken to resolve each and every issue.

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Detailed Assistance For Major Issues Related To Divorce

Relationship breakdown is an all too frequent occurrence in Canadian society. It often requires those involved to seek qualified legal advice to deal with the many pressing needs it creates:

  • To develop a custody or parenting plan
  • To determine the appropriate levels of financial support (spousal support and child support)
  • To achieve a reasonable standard of living commensurate with the standard of living enjoyed during the relationship
  • To reach a fair division of property and allocation of debts

To achieve these outcomes in their family law case, full and fair financial disclosure is necessary. A comprehensive settlement is arrived at by way of a negotiated separation agreement, using alternative dispute resolution such mediation, court settlement documents or, if necessary, a court decision through the litigation process.

Clear Objectives Obtained Through Careful Counsel And Client Collaboration

To be effective, the client's lawyer must know the facts and available documentary information in each matter, develop a negotiation or litigation strategy with the client, and ultimately provide the client with recommendations as to how to achieve his or her desired outcome. Knowledge and understanding of the applicable federal and provincial laws, such as the Divorce Act (Canada), and the new Family Law Act of British Columbia that became law in March 2013, as well as recognizing potential tax implications arising under the Income Tax Act (Canada) is essential.

A key to this process is for the family law lawyer to communicate clearly and concisely all of these elements to the client, and to continue to do so throughout his or her case so as to keep the client fully informed and up to date. At the law office of John Fairburn, ongoing contact is maintained with each client by a combination of office conferences, telephone and regular reporting by email.

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